Diamond Visionics GenesisRT� Difference


Traditional Visualization and Simulation started more than 35 years ago. In the beginning the cost to render 3-D terrain was significant, as much as tens of thousands of dollars per polygon that made it to the screen at 60Hz from dedicated hardware systems. This cost required a developer to construct elaborate tools that provided the purchaser every polygon purchased almost every frame to see their value.

With the advent of programmable graphics technology the cost per polygon dropped significantly and at the same time graphics moved from being mostly polygons to textured polygons, so the goal of those elaborate tools shifted from providing every polygon every frame to optimizing content flow from the disk to the graphics subsystem.

With the migration of programmable graphics from dedicated hardware systems to the PC those complicated tools continued to be used to optimize content flow from the disk to the graphics subsystem because until recently PC graphics and systems had memory and I/O limitations.

However, that has changed and PC systems are stronger today than the best of the dedicated systems of yesterday. With that change all the rules of building and displaying 3-D graphics have changed as well.

GenesisRT is the first of this new generation of 3-D rendering technologies to have taken full advantage of the newest systems without bringing any of the assumptions of the way it used to be done.

How different is GenesisRT?

So different that it does not require the optimization tools used by our competitors and the free 3-D earth viewers on the web.

Instead it builds the 3-D scenes directly from Geospatial data in real-time.

Expanding roads, parametrically building structures, scattering objects, blending textures, and many of the tasks you used to do with a number of world class tools are now done in real-time.

This means anyone can expand their 3-D world by adding new and updated geospatial data.

It means one can expect the number of 3-D features, the resolution of the imagery and terrain, and the number of mission functions and moving entities to be better than you ever experienced before on your hardware.

Simple, Powerful, and under your control. 3D as it should be.