Diamond Visionics GenesisMP�


GenesisMP is based on Diamond Visionic's GenesisRT� cutting edge "Dynamic Construction" engine that renders interactive 3-D scenes directly from Open GIS source formats without any additional preparation of the source data into static optimized formats or complex archive formats.

Being built entirely on the fly, the 3-D scenes produced by GenesisMP have unique capabilities that make this tool the prefect for:

  • Source Data Preview, Quality Assurance, and 3-D Interactive Data Editing
  • Instructor Operator Stations
  • 3-D Stealth Viewer
  • 3-D Visual Analysis Viewer
  • 3-D Mission Planning and Rehearsal Visualization
  • 3-D GIS Viewer

GenesisMP includes the abilities to:

  • Render 3-D scenes directly from source data
  • Analysis and colorize the elevation data in runtime for Slope, Elevation, and Contours.
  • Perform 360 Line-of-sight Analysis from any point or model
  • Add, delete, and edit 3-D point shape data interactively in 3-D scene
  • Add 2-D shape data interactively in 3-D scene (i.e. roads, walls, fences, berms, rivers, etc.)
  • Parametrically expand DAFIF data into airport runways with light, signs, markings, and controls
  • Analysis attribution data on ESRI shape data in runtime to colorize objects
  • Interactively modify the XML control language graphically to change how the 3-D is represented from the source data
  • Export modified vector data into ESRI Shape files for correlation and configuration management
  • Stealth simulation functions of 2525B symbols, DIS networking, recording and playback of eye-point movements, tethering to moving models, Time-of-day, Weather Simulation, and other useful functions.
  • Google KML overlay support for locations and vector information
  • Much more

Find out how much time and effort GenesisMP can save you on your next 3-D project by working in the more natural interactive 3-D mode to make modification to your source data.

Don't worry all this power being too hard to use, GenesisMP is designed to be easy to use and all the positional editing is done in the 3-D window and all the attribution editing is done in drag-n-drop interface on an XML environment.

Find out how GenesisMP can save you from exhaustive format conversions, lost time to visualization, and extra tools to learn and support by contacting one of our Sales Team Members.

GenesisMP is powered by Diamond Visionics, LLC.