Static Format Terrain Conversion Technology

One of the biggest challenges in simulation today is the correlation of an existing visual or non-visual 3-D terrain with a new visual or non-visual 3-d terrain, e.g., new out-the-window visual terrain with an existing SAF terrain. Symmetry can help with your correlation challenges.

Another is to capture the value invested in existing 3-D terrain and airports (many hand modeled), bringing the extensive labor forward into widely used GIS source formats that allow for that labor to be captured and to be reused/recycled easily into new products, while being fast, easy, and cost efficiently. Symmetry is ready to help you recover your labor investment.

The newest challenge comes from the introduction of next generation dynamically constructed 3-D terrain viewers like Diamond Visionic's GenesisIG, the correlation between static formats systems and entirely run-time generated terrains. Symmetry is working with these next generation 3-D viewer vendors to assure correlation with existing static systems.

What is Symmetry?

Symmetry is an easy-to-use tool that makes converting your existing static 3-D terrains and airports into ESRI GIS formats simple.

Symmetry supports the following formats for ingest:

  • OpenFlight 3-D Terrain

  • JCATS Terrain

  • JSAF Terrain

  • OneSAF OTF Terrain (OneSAF Terrain Format)

Symmetry supports the following formats for export:

  • ESRI Grid Elevation

  • ESRI Shape Vectors

  • OpenFlight 3-D Models

  • TIFF generic textures

  • GEOTIFF Imagery

How does Symmetry Work?

1)Import existing 3D Terrain (JCATS, OTF, Flt):

Symmetry Import

2) Select format and grid sampling distance from existing Terrain:


3) Map automatically grouped polygons to FACC or some other Attribution scheme:


4) Decide if models should be part of terrain (bridge with roads) or standalone:


5) Publish the results into your targeted format:


Contact: Cogent3D to find out how start your new project with the data from your old project.